Plus Spotlight:  Faith Costa AKA "Faith Plus Fashion"

Plus Spotlight: Faith Costa AKA "Faith Plus Fashion"

One of the most empowering things about the internet is the ability to find people who are similar to you!  The plus size community is active online, and the plus BKLYN team thought it would be a great idea to spotlight plus bloggers from around the world!
Are you interested in starting a plus size fashion blog?  Be sure to check out this post for tips on getting started!

This week, we interviewed Faith Costa, AKA Faith Plus Fashion.  Faith is a signed plus size model, who is also a mental health advocate and business woman.  Based in New Jersey, you'll see lots of posts from airports on Faith's Instagram Story – she always seems to be traveling to a shoot!

Faith Costa walking across the street in a pink dress

PBK:  Hi, Faith!  Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed!  First question:  What made you decide to start blogging?

FC:  I started blogging because I’ve always loved expression, fashion and sharing positive things, opinions and helpful discoveries with people. I began by seeing a lot of incredible plus size bloggers via instagram, most of whom I had never seen or heard of before. I didn’t know fashion blogging was a space for us, so I was thrilled to see such a thriving community of people. I knew I had to be part of it!

PBK:  What kinds of things do you blog about? Why are you passionate about those topics?

FCI generally blog about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, mental health awareness and body positivity. All of these things are so prevalent in my life, that I feel it comes easy to me to have chosen them. 

I am so lucky to have a voice that I am choosing to use and that people seem to relate to on many fronts. I feel like it’s our duty to share our passions with the world in a constructive and loving way.

Faith Costa Plus Size Model NYC

PBK:  I love that.  Blogging has helped connect people around the world!  One of the things I see folks talk about is the term "plus size," and how they feel about it.  How do you feel about the term "plus size"?  Is there a term you prefer?

FC I am completely fine with the term plus size. It’s simply a description and should have zero negative stigma towards it even though I know some people feel differently. Being in the “plus size” fashion industry is something to be proud of.

PBK:  How would you describe your personal style?  Is

FCMy personal style is very glamorous/high fashion, with hints of goth-chic and occasionally Mary-Kate and Ashley-esq boho!

PBK: Yesss!  I totally get where you're going with that.  What's coming up that you're excited about?

FC: Philadelphia Curves in August was a great experience!  I can't share what's coming up because of NDAs, but be sure to stay tuned!

Faith Costa Editorial Plus Size Model New York City

PBK: Love this!  What about photoshoot plans?  Do you have a "Fantasy Photoshoot"?  Like a photoshoot you've been dying to put together, but haven't yet?

FCI feel like I have 100 photoshoot ideas that I need to make reality! I really love to push more plus size editorial shoots because we don’t see enough of them in the media. I’ve also kind of been dying to do a boudoir shoot because I’ve never done anything like it before and I’d really like to push myself to try it even though it’s a bit intimidating for me!

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