Want to Become a Plus Size Blogger?  Here's Where to Start!

Want to Become a Plus Size Blogger? Here's Where to Start!

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Blogging can be a great way to share your opinions, showcase your creativity, and even land jobs or gigs you want!

I started blogging in 2016, and I've learned SO MUCH.  Below, I've shared my top tips on how to start blogging:

1.  Pick a Name!

This can be the hardest part about beginning to blog.  You want to be able to claim your blog name on all social media accounts (Instagram, especially!), because they need to match.  Some bloggers use their names, and others come up with a fun and sassy name.

If you're stuck on a name, get out a piece of paper and brainstorm words you like and words that describe you.  Poke around on Pinterest.  Ask friends.  Give yourself a set time period, say, two weeks, and just pick at your deadline.  If you really hate it, you can pick it later! 

Chubby Struggles Alex

Alex Sundstrom named her blog "Chubby Struggles."  Here, she's rocking some super cute earrings she bought online from Plus BKLYN!

2.  Buy a Website URL

A website name is also called a "domain" or "web address."  Basically, it's the thing you type into your internet search bar.  You want to get a domain that you own.  My blog is www.thehuntswoman.com, but it wouldn't look nearly as professional if it was thehuntswoman.wix.com or thehuntswoman.wordpress.com.

I use GoDaddy to buy website hosting, and there's a coupon online to get your first domain for a few bucks (google "GoDaddy website coupon").  Be sure to also get privacy protection, otherwise your address will be publicly available for others.

Shereece of Fatshion Forward Wearing Plus Bklyn

Sheerece of Fatshion Forward rocking a jacket she got at Plus Bklyn

3.  Build Your Site

While you've bought a website address, you need to also snag a place to put your blog.  Some people use Wix, Squarespace or GoDaddy's website builder.  I've tried almost all of the "Drag and Drop" websites, and I recommend you buy a WordPress theme (not the nonprofit WP!) and "host" it on GoDaddy or BlueHost.

A good theme will run around $50, and hosting is around $20/month.  Wix or Squarespace are around $20 per month as well.

This is where things can get confusing, so hang in there!  Think of your new URL (like www.margotmeanie.com) to be like an address for a house.  You can plug it into Google and go somewhere.  The thing is, owning an address doesn't mean you own an actual house!  You have to set up a website where you can post actual content.

House Number

Your web address lets someone know where to go, but you'll need to build a site to house your content!

4.  Get Your Camera Ready!

Real talk, you don't need to go buy a whole new wardrobe to become a plus size fashion blogger – although there are super cute things on plus BKLYN ;).  Start with things you already have in your closet!!

I like to set up "Instagram Girlfriend" shoots, where I go out on the town with another blogger and we take outfit pics of each other.  I buy a coffee downtown and change in their bathroom.  

If you don't have a blogger buddy yet, you can ask a partner or friend to help you take photos.  Be warned, people are used to taking like 1 picture and thinking they're done.  You're going to have to coach them to take a photo every 5 seconds ish, while you switch up poses.

Another good option is to use a bluetooth remote, and a tripod for your phone or camera.  It can limit your poses, but needs must!!

When I ask my besties to take the pic, I mean take **THE** pic.  Walk a full circle around me, tapping on the shutter button!!  Do a deep squat, get on a ladder, try flash and no flash, drop ship a drone – do what you gotta do to get THE PIC!!!

5.  Content Schedule

Real talk, you'll need to stick to a regular schedule as a blogger.  I generally shoot 5-6 outfits a month, and post pics of the same outfit – showcasing different angles and poses.  

When you're first starting out, I recommend picking a platform to focus on + your blog.  So, you can decide to focus on growing your Instagram and your blog, YouTube and your blog, etc.  You don't need to be super active and #KillingIt on all social media platforms.  In fact, trying to do so will burn you out!!

I post to Instagram 3-4x a week, and I try to post to my blog 2x a week. 

Bianca from Brooklyn | Plus Size Blogger

6.  Join the Community!

One of the best ways to learn about bloggers is to befriend bloggers.  Be sure to join the Facebook Group, "Business Side of Blogging" hosted by Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista (one of the OG fashion bloggers). 

Marie also hosts The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo every year in Atlanta, Georgia, with a special day for bloggers.  If you're in NYC, you may want to attend The CURVY Con.  The entire Plus Bklyn will be there this September!

Have questions about becoming a plus size blogger?  

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