Selling us Your Second Hand & Vintage

Selling your clothes to plus BKLYN



Thank you for considering Plus BKLYN as a new home for your old clothes! We are a highly curated resale boutique selling clothing for all genders and we only take the best of the best of secondhand plus clothing. We expect and accept like-new stylish contemporary brands, designer, and vintage in excellent condition. We appreciate you reading through the entirety of our selling process to ensure you bring us ready-to-buy finds!

At this time we are less likely to buy denim/pants unless they are an elevated premium brand, outrageously trendy or a menswear style. As always we largely avoid fast fast fashion (Shein/Forever 21/Old Navy, etc), and we cannot entertain items that are out-of-season. We also only buy items where we have highest need (sizes & style), so what we accept varies based on our current in-store stock. We ask you be extra mindful of curating your drop off with this guidance in mind when selling with us. 💕

How It Works

We are currently buying for SUMMER only. All selling and intake is done by drop off only.  You can drop off items sizes 14/Large and above during store hours, at which time we will require you submit a short selling form. We price items at approximately 30-70% of their original value, taking in to consideration their condition, style, and potential for resale.

We review items within 1-3 business days of drop off. Unfortunately, we can't always accept all items.  For items we do not accept we will donate on your behalf and work with a handful of local organizations with which we donate.  By dropping your items at Plus BKLYN you agree that any items we do not accept will be donated. We cannot accommodate any exceptions.

Item Limits

We receive a lot of clothing via drop off so please limit your items to 2-3 medium bags (no boxes, bins or suitcases accepted) of clothes and be sure to include a note with your full name and contact info on or within each bag(s) of items. We are not able to accommodate storing loose clothing or returning of bags, so please bring your items in bags you are willing to part with. If you have a larger haul, please call ahead to inquire if we’re able to accommodate a larger drop off. 

What To Bring

We accept gently used or new-with-tag clothing and select designer handbags that are in season. The seasonal buying schedule runs:

May - July | Summer
August - October | Fall
November - January | Winter
February - April | Spring

Expectation of Condition

Items should be in excellent resell condition. We have high standards for what we’ll take, so be sure to pre-screen your items and ensure they are in ready-to-sell condition. We're not Goodwill. :) 

We ask that all items must be:

  • Freshly laundered or dry cleaned
  • Free of holes, stains, pilling, broken zippers, missing buttons, odors, pet hair or excessive wrinkles.
  • Neatly folded in bags (no hangers), buttoned-up, zipped and never ever inside-out 

No exceptions!

How We Pay

We offer both a cash option (25% of the resale value of your goods) and store credit option (40% of the resale value of your goods) when purchasing items. We only offer electronic cash payment in the form of Venmo or PayPal. Note that store credit is honored for use for one year following the sale of items. Please have your preferred payment method on-hand when you drop off items to us.

What We Take

Our customers love stylish contemporary brands (i.e. Anthro, ASOS, Eloquii, J.Crew, Wray, Fashion Brand Company, Big Bud Press, Modcloth)  and luxury and independent designer gems (i.e. Tamara Malas, Mara Hoffman, 11 Honore) in excellent condition. We also love gently worn vintage and/or custom clothing with a modern vibe.

What We Don't Take

We are less likely to buy cheaper fast fashion brands (Old Navy, Forever21, Target, Shein, etc). We also do not take secondhand jewelry. Instead, we showcase locally made & curated accessories in the shop. 

We never ever accept:

  • traditional professional suiting or officewear (though we do take modern fashion and high-end blazers and casual suiting)
  • swimsuits
  • shoes
  • wedding gowns
  • intimates

While we’d love to take each and every item, items will be carefully selected based on style, condition, and potential for resale.