Transgender Babes Welcome!

Transgender Babes Welcome!

ALL bodies are welcome at Plus BKLYN! Regardless of gender identity, whether you've decided to transition or not, you are welcome in our store!

We have gender diverse shoppers pop in all of the time, and we love it! We're happy to help style a few looks for you or leave you to shop.  No weird looks, side eye or questions like, "Who are you shopping for today?"

Welcoming Transgender People Plus Size Clothing Store NYC

~ Why We're Posting This ~
June is a few weeks away, which makes NYC Pride just around the corner! This ALSO means businesses break out the rainbow flags, trying to get some of that #PrideMoney.

Because of this, I've debated posting this graphic. ALL business and clothing stores should be trans and gender inclusive. 

Unfortunately, that's not the world we live in.  I've heard horror stories of changing room issues, being told, "There's nothing in our store for you," etc etc. Not the case at Plus Bklyn!

So, in case you were wondering: YOU'RE WELCOME HERE!