Plus Blogger Spotlight:  Leah of Voluptuous Leah!

Plus Blogger Spotlight: Leah of Voluptuous Leah!

Recently on Twitter, we (the plus BKLYN Team), realized that *WE* can share some shine with plus bloggers, creatives and business owners.
Today, we're excited to chat with Leah Stanley, who blogs over on Voluptuous Leah.  Leah recently made the move to New York state from Vermont, and we're stoked to have her in the neighborhood. 
You can follow Leah on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Leah Stanley Red Jumpsuit

PBK:  Why did you decide to start blogging?  What/who inspired you to become a blogger?

LS:  Well, I actually started my IG account first, about two months after is when I had started my blog. It all started when I saw a plus size blogger posting her fashionista photos. I said to myself, "wow, I'm fat, I love fashion, this cold also be me", two days later I started my IG.

It felt like I threw myself into the wild but not to wolves, to a crowd of nourishing and supportive women and now friends. Shortly after I had discovered I wanted to share more about myself and that I wanted to write more, before I knew it was up and running!

PBK:  What kinds of things do you blog about? Why are you passionate about those topics?

LS:  I blog about fashion and body positivity with a dash of my personal life. I blog about my favorite outfits, how they make me feel, bikinis and lingerie. Body positivity and fashion mesh so well together for me and so many others. It's an outlet to discover yourself, reach outside of ones comfort zone and break standards. I

It's important to me to share my fashion and confidence because I remember the times I wasn't so confident. The times I'd wear a one piece to the beach with men's board shorts over it, the times I'd sweat to death all summer long with cardigans on. I do this because I needed to see role models like myself and so many other fashion/body positive babes out there. Children, teens, adults need to see others being comfortable doing things that have been deemed unimaginable for bigger bodies.

Leah Stanley Body Positive Blogger

PBK:  I love that!  You're truly being the change you wish to see in the world.  How would you describe your personal style?

LS:  I personally don't think that I have a style. I have a personality and that's what decides my style each day. If i feel like dressing down, then I'll be dressed down (most likely I'll still be looking cute though), if I want to dress up, I WILL.

I will say that I do love me a darn good pair of jeans paired with a tee. That's what I call, "country girl comfort!" With that being said, my friends and family have ALWAYS labeled my style as "cute" or "cutesy", I'm not even sure what that means!

PBK:  Omg, "country girl comfy"!  Sign me UP, lol.  Is there a piece on the site that exemplifies your style?

I walked into plus BKLYN last year and almost died of cuteness because there were too many things that suited my personality. I bought two items, then went home and ordered one more! 1) a unicorn dress 2) a creemee dress (you mostly call this soft-serve, in VT this is called a creemee, and 3) the most stinking adorable necklace that I needed!

I love the Marguerita Dress.  Voluptuous dresses for voluptuous babes, lol!

PBK:  AH!  Thank you for your support.  We wouldn't be here without body positive babes supporting us in-store and online. How do you feel about the term “plus size”?  Is there a term you prefer?

LS:   I'm totally okay with the term plus size, I'm not offended, it's certainly the lighter of most terms used to describe bigger bodies. I myself label my body as
"plus size". In the end I'd rather not even be labeled by my size, I'd rather just be called me, Leah.

Leah Stanley Plus Size Blogger Swimsuit

Now, what I have seen is models (famed models) use the term plus size to gain their fame. They then turn around and decide they don't want to be called plus size, that they are now "curve models." This is in fact offensive, because it's offensive when people/brands are capitalizing on the plus market because the term has recently been discovered by the rest of the world.

I've recently seen some very inauthentic brands using the term plus size (then not even carry a full range!) just to draw in eyes, clicks, and potential shoppers. All while leaving the plus market stuck with a huge gap. My problem with the term plus size lies within how brands are using it.

PBK:  I totally feel you on that.  This is why plus BKLYN is so passionate about showing a diverse range of models, especially visibly plus size models, from a size 14 to 30.  What’s coming up that are you excited about?

LS:  I've got a few things coming up! I'll be attending TCF Expo for the first time and I'm so stinking thrilled to meet so many beautiful friends in PERSON! I was also asked to walk in the DreamWalk Fashion show this year and I'm more than excited! It's just what I stand for I can't wait to actually be part of it!

Leah Stanly White Top Pearls

PBK:  I am STOKED to meet you IRL!  Final question:  What is something you want to share with the internet?

LS:  I ALWAYS strive to be myself and stay true to me. To let my personality shine and let my laughter take over. It doesn't matter how body positive or fashionable you are, if you're trying to be someone else, then you're not on your own journey. It's important to thrive as yourself, follow your own path rather than saturating yourself with concern about what others are doing.

Thank you for joining us, Leah!  Did you enjoy this post? Be sure to share on social media, so other folks can learn how AWESOME Leah is!