Plus Size Blogger Christian Simone

Plus Blogger Spotlight: Christian Simone

The Christian Simone

PBK: Christian, thank you for taking the time to be interviewed.  Where in the world are you located?

CS:  I'm in Dallas, TX, but I'm always on a plane.

PBK:  How do you feel about the term “plus size”?  Is there a term you prefer?

CS:  I mean, I understand folks have to be able to classify things as the mind can be so unable to fathom something of such extraordinary greatness as person who is bigger than social constructs, but I just prefer to be called "fluffy."

PBK:  Love the word "fluffy"!  Why did you decide to start blogging?  What/who inspired you to become a blogger?

CS:  Back in 2014, I noticed that there weren’t many plus size chicks at the gym. And, if they came, it was to attend classes like Zumba (insert yuck emoji)—it’s not a bad thing as it’s movement, but I’m drawn to more challenging things like kick boxing and indoor cycle. So in 2015, I launched The Plush Cyclist! 

There wasn’t one person, per se, that inspired me but more so the plus size blogger narrative wasn’t fitting for someone like me. I'm a  business professional, yet also a former makeup artist, so my view on beauty can be over the top – but can be tailored for my corporate role.

Christian Simone MUA

PBK:  Totally feel that on the makeup front.  What kinds of things do you blog about? Why are you passionate about those topics?

CS:  I share all about fancy skincare, beauty products, makeup looks, biz professional and some casual fashion. I also show my fitness pursuits. I find that the blogger voice especially about beauty isn’t a fat face.

And because I am just a kick ass type, I always have to put my voice in the mix. I would love to see a fat face like mine all over Target, Nike, and Lancôme. I will not hide me because it makes society uncomfortable, that's not my issue.

PBK:  We would LOVE to see that, too!  How would you describe your style?

CS: I am truly a modern classic with pops of color and edge. I can rock anything from tulle skirt and a biker jacket to formfitting dresses. But, I also am a tomboy (surprisingly), so I love festive workout gear as well.

PBK:  What plus BKLYN item do you feel best exemplifies your style?  Why this piece?

CS:  I love the "Button Down Tie Blouse." I love anything with bows! I could rock this item to work with a nice pencil skirt or high waist pant and give a more refined look.

Plus Size Business Blouse

PBK:  What is something you want to convey/share with the internet?

CS: Don’t hide your voice or your story to make other comfortable.

In 2016, all hell broke loose in my life. Depression and anxiety pretty much left me empty. Since I’m someone who doesn’t have a support system, I was doing all I could to just keep waking up. Many people didn’t like that as it wasn’t the "faux happy" that our social media society has prescribed as normal. But even in darkness there is light, it may be a tiny glimmer but it’s there. So embrace who you are right fcking now, and keep going. The world is undeserving of me as I’m a gift, but so are you – unless you’re just not a good person, lol.

The Christian Simone

PBK:  Love that, and I so appreciate that you share the ups and downs of mental health.  What’s coming up that are you excited about?  

CS:  Right now, I’m excited that I will be launching an image consulting firm, Power Image Consulting, which will launch August 15. It will couple my former makeup artist skills and fashion sense for professionals and entrepreneur women. My passion is to help small business really flourish as they are truly the lifeline of society. I also am in this big awakening where I’m throwing my all into making better content as I want to make my reoccurring dream of being a spokesmodel for Nike and Target.

PBK:  Anything else we should know?

CS:  I love Sprinkles vegan cupcakes, I don’t become fully functioning without coffee - Starbucks 2x caffeine is bae. I also love redhead boys, so if you know of any send them my way! ;)

You can follow Christian on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube – and read her blog, of course!