Meet Plus Size Actress & Model:  Nikki G

Meet Plus Size Actress & Model: Nikki G

One of our fave things about having a shop is meeting plus size babes from around the world.  I first met Nikki G on Instagram, and I'm SUCH a fan of her work.  IRL, Nikki is bursting with energy – always telling stories, making jokes etc.  You can find Nikki on Instagram, posting some 🔥content.


This plus size babe calls "ATL Hollywood" home, performing all over Atlanta (and flying out for auditions!).  I thought it would be fun to interview Nikki, so let's get to it!
Plus Model Nikki G

PBK:  Nikki!  You are one of those "slash creatives," working as a model/actress/creative.  Where did you start?

NG:  My passion is theatre, and funny enough that is what lead me to modeling. I love the theatrics of putting a creative shoot together.  All the elements of fashion, location, hair/make-up, editing and how they all combine to tell a story. I would love to get more into creative directing shoots and also continue to pursue my acting career. 

My dream is to see every medium in the performing arts become more fat-inclusive.  I want to see more roles starring fat actors with story lines and character arcs not based on weight loss or their size at all, but just fat people going about their daily lives and the everyday conflicts that arise. I want to see a fat sex scene dammit!

I would also LOVE if theatre became less fatphobic and let fat actors at least audition for roles that don't specifically state the character is "plump, fat, etc.." I want fat Christine Daaes, Grizabellas, Angelica Schuylers, and Elphabas. I want to see the representation that the plus community deserves! How is it we represent 67% of the US population but only have 2% representation in the media?

Nikki G Plus Size ATL Model

PBK:  PREACH THE TRUTH!  So let's talk about labels.  How do you feel about the term, "plus size"?
NG:  I completely embrace the term "plus size" and feel its necessary not just in fashion, but overall.  I do recognize that the term is polarizing, but for me specifically it helps me navigate fashion easier and also connect with others who navigate the world as I do. Now that being said, I also recognize as being on the smaller end of "plus size" I am afforded privileges that my larger plus babes are not. 
PBK:  That's so real.  I appreciate you tackling the nuances of the term.  How would you describe your style?
NG:   I really cant describe my style, my style is ever evolving and fluctuates with so many different things.  I can say that I have an affinity for 70s/80s cuts, styles, and materials. Cher is definitely one of my fashion idols, give me all the fringe, sequins, feathers, and sheer materials. I live for the drama...can you tell I'm a theatre person?
Nikki G Plus Size Actress Atlanta, Georgia
PBK:  LOL, yesssss!  I feel like you're always rocking different aesthetics on Instagram.  What projects are you currently working on that we can support?
NG: I am finally getting back into creating the next installment for my "Fat Art" series, which I am super excited about.  Still on the look out for more dark skinned and Asian plus models in the Atlanta area, so if any of you are reading this please contact me!
PBK:  Omg, yessss!  I loved your last editorial.  Anything you want to add?
NG:  I just want to say how thankful I am for the plus community, especially the plus community on Instagram. It wasn't till i was a part of this platform and saw other women like me that I could become so confident and secure in my own body.
I stopped consuming so much media that centered on society's idealistic body type/woman and surrounded myself with women who looked like me, who were bigger than me, and different than me in so many ways that I had not seen before, that also lived in marginalized spaces that I was fully allowed to develop my own sense of self.
So to all those women, THANK YOU! Continue to post and inspire, you never know who you are affecting.

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