Meet Hayley Herms, Plus Size Model, Blogger & Musician

Meet Hayley Herms, Plus Size Model, Blogger & Musician

Hayley Herms is a plus size model located in Los Angeles, CA.  We met Hayley for the first time IRL at the Plus BKLYN NYFW party this last September.
Hayley brings this incredible... effervescence wherever she goes, and we're excited to share this Q&A with her.  We love following Hayley on Instagram and YouTube.

PBK:  Why did you decide to start blogging/Youtubing?  What/who inspired you to create content?

HH:  I started doing Youtube because I wanted to be more in touch with my followers and fans and they wanted to know more about my life! Blogging was great, but I felt videos were so much more intimate and I could express more. No one really inspired me to create content when I first started… at the time I started, Youtubing, Influencing, and blogging was just becoming a “thing.”
At the time, I didn't know much about the social media world, I just knew these platforms would help achieve what I wanted to share! People had lots of questions for me like "What make up do you use?" or "How do you become a plus size model?" etc.. It was later, that I later learned that’s how I could make money from doing what I love besides just modeling i.e make up, skincare, fashion, real life stories.
Hayley Herms Plus Size Model

PBK:  How do you feel about the term “plus size”?  Is there a term you prefer?  

HH: I definitely think/feel the term "plus size" is still necessary for the plus size community.

I definitely think there should be a day when everything is inclusive and a plus size model is just a model and a plus size section is just included in all the sections, but I still think that fashion has so far to go to become truly inclusive and we need to be seen and heard.

If I didn’t use the term "plus size" when I shopped for things, I’d never find anything. I’m pretty open to all terms - plus size, fat, curves, etc. etc. as long as it’s said/done respectfully, of course.

PBK:  What kinds of things do you create videos about? Why are you passionate about those topics?

HH:  I create lifestyle content so this ranges from fashion hauls, story times, beauty looks and tips, cooking, moment in my personal life, and more.

I’m passionate about lifestyle videos because I feel like its an extension of who I am. It’s hard for me to open up as a person so when I put out a video, I’m letting you one step closer into my world as Hayley Herms the brand and Hayley Herms the real life human.

I’m Hayley, but I love makeup and cooking, but I wouldn’t say I’m a makeup artist or a chef! Plus, people know if its on my Youtube, I genuinely care about it because let me tell you, I invest in my videos and my Youtube videos are not cheap, lol!

Hayley Herms Plus Size Model

PBK:  How would you describe your style?

HH:  I love this question, because I’m a model and I’m always showing others clothes so it gets unclear what "my style" is. I would describe my style as a mix of glam, athleisure, trendy, and grunge. I love to make statements with glam and trendy clothes that really stand out and are bold, but if I’m on the go, just chilling, or making art, you’ll find me in athleisure or 90s grunge clothes.

PBK:  What plus BKLYN item do you feel best exemplifies your style (copy and paste the link).  Why this piece? 

HH:  My fave pieces from plus BKLYN right now are these track pantsND I LOVE all Plus BKLYN's earrings, they’re so me, so these statement earrings for sure. 

High Waist Track Pants Plus Size Yin Yang Statement Earrings Plus BKLYN

PBK:  OMG, we have so much fun merchandising earrings.  In addition to being a  YouTuber, you’re also a successful plus size model!  Can you share a bit about your journey, going from *wanting* to be a plus model to getting signed/booked?

HH:  I started plus size modeling in 7th grade when I was a child actress. A photographer had discovered my acting head and test shots on MySpace and thought they were great!

Ed Hardy had just released a plus size collection and they were looking for a plus model. Even though I was 12, the woman thought I was 22 lol, I asked my mom if she’d take me to this random shoot and she believed in me. After my first shoot, I felt like a chameleon and I knew plus size modeling was something I wanted to do seriously alongside my acting and music.

Hayley Herms Plus Size Model

High school hit and by junior year I started making “moves” in the plus size modeling world so I dropped out of high school, enrolled into a program where I graduated a year early with a diploma and started working full time on building my portfolio and resume for about 2, years while I started completing  college before I was even 18!

Fast forward to four years later and now I’ve been in global magazines, modeled for my dream companies, been flown out to photoshoots, made moves in the body positive industry, started the FIRST online plus size course for the aspiring plus size models, and MORE!!

And it's only the beginning to say the least.

PBK:  What tips do you like to share with plus size babes who are aspiring models?

HH: When it comes to modeling, I don’t like to sugar coat things. Modeling is NOT a 9-5 job therefore you NEED to be disciplined, passionate, and have tough skin.

My top three tips would be:

  1. Practice Makes Perfect - practice your poses, facials, runway walk till your face and legs fall off, stay dedicated.
  2. Stay Positive - there will be a lot of people that will tell you a lot of things, but you have to listen to your intuition and stay true to your dreams.
  3.  Find Work - don’t just let work find you, we’re living in the digital era, hop online, send some emails, DM/PM whoever you need to take. Take a chance, you never know who will see what you post/write and respond to you!

Plus size model Hayley Herms

PBK: We’ve seen announcements about your modeling course! Can you share why you decided to create an online course/some of the feedback you’ve received?

HH:  I decided to create the ‘How To Become A Plus Size Model’ course because SO many people had asked me, "How do I become a plus size model?!"

I would send them back huge replies that took me a lot of time to write/thought, and then I would get responses back like “That sounds like a lot of work, no thanks."

I created this course for the person who is serious about hitting the ground floor running in the plus size modeling industry! PLUS, no one else is sharing this information and if they are, their doing at unaffordable, unattainable rates/places. I wanted to be able to reach all the serious, go getting aspiring plus size models and give them the tools they need to really succeed in this day and age.

Plus Size Modeling Course Hayley Herms

The feedback has been SO positively overwhelming and wonderful so far. The most comments I get back are about my Day 3 class, Pose Coaching and Facial Posing, but my personal favorite one to teach is Day 2, Planning Your Portfolio & Organizing Your Photoshoot because I feel its things I wish I knew/had when I was a young teen plus model.

I try to go above and beyond for each of my students whenever they ask a question and that’s why I think overall they love the class so much. It’s taught to everyone in the class, but detailed and tailored for each individuals needs/wants out of their modeling goals & careers.

PBK: Where can people learn about the next session for your class?

HH: You can learn about my next session on all my social platforms including my website, but you will ALWAYS here announcements first on my Instagram @hayleyhermsofficial.

PBK:  Anything else you'd like to share?

HH:  Follow your dreams, work hard, and don’t give up! Anything can happen at any moment, everything happens for a reason.

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