Meet Alex of Chubby Struggles

Over the last few months, we've shared interviews with some of our favoite plus size bloggers.
Today's blogger interview is with one of my favorite humans: Alex Sundstrom of Chubby Struggles.  Alex is a plus size fashion and sex blogger based in Houston, Texas, who is known for her love of bold and colorful fashion.  You can follow Alex on Instagram and check out her blog here.

PBK:  Thanks for joining us, Alex!  Why did you decide to start blogging? What/who inspired you to become a blogger?

AS:  I first started blogging because I was just starting my MBA in marketing, and I was just learning about the body positive movement thanks to Lindy West and Jes Baker. I coupled this with my childhood love of fashion and thought it would be an interesting, low-key hobby with a couple hundred followers. That changed a bit as time went on :)
Chubby Struggles in Leopard


Yes, safe to say more than a couple hundred people wanted to hang with you on the internet!  Speaking

AS:  I blog about plus size fashion, mental health, and self-love. Fashion has always been my first love; I started sketching outfits when I was eight and learned to sew in junior high. I’ve always viewed fashion as a way to express yourself and be bold, even when you need an extra boost.
Mental health is a huge deal to me because when I started blogging, I was also starting my mental health journey. I wanted to have a place for my feelings as I navigated this complicated new space. Self-love was the intersection of my love for fashion and dealing with my deep-rooted insecurities and depression. Now that I’m at a place where I love who I am and what I see in the mirror, I want to share that passion with other people on their own journeys.
Plus Size Blogger Chubby Struggles High Waist Pants

PBK:  I love that you talk about the reality of managing mental health issues.  Speaking of self-love and body positivity - how do you feel about the term “plus size”?  Is there a term you prefer?

AS:  I like the term plus size, but I also use the word fat all the time. I’m trying to reclaim it as something bold, beautiful, and badass.

PBK:  YES!  "Bold" is also the word I think of when looking at your photos.  What other words would you use to describe your style.

AS:  Besides "bold," I'd use multi-faceted, and iconic.
Bold Plus Size Fashion Blogger Chubby Struggles

PBK:  YES!  Love that.  What plus BKLYN item do you feel best exemplifies your style (copy and paste the link).  Why this piece?

AS:  This leopard print dress.  Leopard is a neutral to me that simultaneously screams classic but bold at the same time. I love how versatile this dress is, just like me. I could pair it with a red blazer or colorful tights, high boots or a chambray button down.. So many possibilities!
Plus Size Leopard Print Dress

PBK: Yes, LOVE leopard.  What’s coming up that are you excited about? (Conference, vacation, new job, etc)

AS:  I have a great new blog series I’m working on about plus size sex that I am SUPER excited about!  The first post is live here.

PBK:  Omg, that post literally made me LOL.  While we're here, is there anything you want to convey/share with the internet?

Chubby Struggles Plus BKLYN Instagram
AS:  I want people to realize they can take charge of their life and be their very best self, no matter who that is. You are beautiful, incredible, and capable of sharing your best self with the world.

PBK:  YES, self-determination FTW.  Final question:  Do you have a “fantasy photoshoot”?  Like a photoshoot you’ve been DYING to put together, but haven’t yet?

AS:  I have been DYING to do an underwater shoot. When I was a kid, I was dead set on being a mermaid when I grew up. I even spent an awkward year on a synchronized swimming team where I was really, really bad. But I’m ready to revisit that in a pool with a camera.

PBK:  We'd love to see that!  Thank you for joining us for this interview!

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