Coming to CurvyCon?  5+ Tips for Your Trip to NYC!

Coming to CurvyCon? 5+ Tips for Your Trip to NYC!

Last year was my first Curvy Con, and Ivy and I had a BLAST.  People from all over the USA (and Canada!) come to theCurvyCon to shop and see their internet besties IRL.

We've started getting questions about what to do/see in NYC, and tips for navigating the city.  Of course you'll want to stop into plus BKLYN while you're in town, and here are some of are our top recs:


1.  Packing Tips

I totally get that people want to wear fashion forward shoes for the event.  But, NYC is a walking city.  You'll be standing/moving around a lot at theCURVYcon, so if you DO want to wear heels, do yourself a favor and bring flat sandals to change into. 

You'll also want to bring a charging bank for your phone, and some snacks to eat throughout the day (last year, the event location didn't have restaurants nearby).  You'll also want to leave room in your suitcase, because you are definitely going to bring home some cute new plus size clothes.

plus BKLYN at Curvy Con

2.  GoogleMaps is Your BFF

The #1 mistake I see visitors to NYC make is avoiding the Subway.  You can quickly burn through your travel budget by taking Lyfts or Taxis.  GoogleMaps updates subway wait times and info regularly.  

If you're coming from Manhattan to plus BKLYN, you'll likely take the L Line and get off at Graham Ave.  If you get lost trying to find the store, feel free to give us a call!

3.  Seeing the Sites

There's no way to do EVERYTHING in NYC, so your best bet is to pick a few things you REALLY want to do.  The Statue of Liberty is booked months out, and visiting can take up a full day.  Love Broadway shows?  Go to a TKTS booth the morning of the day you want to see a show, and get discounted tickets!  (There's a TKTS booth in Times Square.)

TKTS Booth

Want tips on how much time to plan for specific activities?  DM us on Instagram or tweet at us, and we'll be happy to share tips!

4.  Meet New People!

Meet new people by joining theCURVYcon Facebook group, and following #theCURVYcon on social media.  Comment on people's photos, and you'll likely find yourself with a few new online friends before the event!

5. OpenTable for Reservations

Excited to be a foodie in NYC?  Use OpenTable to make reservations and find potential restaurants.

6.  Calculate Uber/Lyft Rides

Trying to plan your travel budget?  You can estimate Uber fare here and Lyft fares here.  Keep in mind that the end cost may dependent on peak pricing! 



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