Blogger Spotlight:  Meet Miranda of The Plus Life Blog

Blogger Spotlight: Meet Miranda of The Plus Life Blog

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Earlier this week, the plus BKLYN team was bemoaning the fact that the same dozen (or so) plus bloggers seem to get most of the press.  It's not these bloggers fault, but it does bum us out.

Then, our HBIC and founder, Alexis Krase said, "WAIT.  What if we shared awesome bloggers who are part of the plus BKLYN community?!"

We recognized Alexis' genius, and this series was born.

plus BKLYN Blogger Spotlight

First up in our series, is Miranda of The Plus Life Blog.  Miranda is a plus-size blogger, living her best HGTV-worthy life in Kentucky.  Previous to living in Kentucky, Miranda lived in NYC (heyooo!) for 7 years.

PBK:  Miranda, thank you for your support and agreeing to be interviewed!  Where in the world are you located?  

MS: I live in Northern Kentucky (just outside of Cincinnati, OH) with my husband Kevin.  I’m originally from Irvine, KY, a small town in Eastern Kentucky. We have been in NKY for less than a year and prior to that lived in New York for almost seven years.  

PBK:  What do you like/hate about living in Kentucky?

MS:  I really love where we live now.  We’re in a pretty small town relatively speaking, but are in one of the fastest growing counties in Kentucky.  It has everything I need (which really just consists of TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Target and a few good restaurants), but has a nice, small town feel.  We’re also less than 20 minutes from downtown Cincinnati so we have easy access to a bigger city with a bit more culture (concerts, art, nice restaurants, etc.) when we’re in the mood to be a little fancy. I also love being close to my family (they’re about an hour and a half from here) and THE COST OF LIVING!

When we were in New York, we lived in Long Beach which is 45 minutes outside of NYC.  I LOVED living on the beach & really the only thing I hate about Kentucky is the lack of ocean nearby.  

PBK:  How do you feel about the term “plus size”?  Is there a term you prefer?

MS:  I don’t mind it at all, to be honest. I just like having a term that lets me know where I can find what fits.  

The Plus Life Blog | Miranda

PBK:  Why did you decide to start blogging?  What/who inspired you to become a blogger?

MS:  I have been following quite a few plus size fashion bloggers for years, and I love so many of the women in the industry.  Even with the growing number of plus size bloggers, I always felt that there wasn’t really anyone that I could COMPLETELY relate to for a variety of reasons.  Many of the plus size bloggers are smaller than me (I’m a size 26/28).

Also, many live in big cities like NYC and live completely different lifestyles than almost everyone I know and grew up with.  I felt like there was a gap and no one fully represented people like me. For a long time, I would talk about how I wish what I wanted to see existed… then one day I realized that I could create what I want to see for myself and for people like me.  That’s really what led me to become a blogger.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all of the women who I’ve been following for years who have inspired me along the way.  I don’t want to leave anyone out, but a few of my faves have always been: Cece Olisa (I met SO many of my plus size New York friends through her community), Meaghan O’Connor of Little Lime Dress (my former Long Island neighbor and SUCH a bright light in the world), Lisa of Mustang Sally Two, Kellie of And I Get Dressed, Corissa of Fat Girl Flow and so many others.  

PBK:  I love that!  We hear from people all of the time that it's "too late" to start a plus size blog, but that's just not the case!  67% of the population is plus-size, there's room for everyone!

PBK:  What kinds of things do you blog about? Why are you passionate about those topics?

I blog about plus size fashion (duh) along with home life, relationships, confidence, career and business, travel and just whatever life stuff my readers want to discuss.  My favorite thing I’ve done so far on the blog is asking my readers to submit questions for me to answer on the blog. The first was about confidence (read it here) and I’m publishing a post about my favorite date nights with my hubby Kevin soon!  

I’m passionate about plus size fashion because I grew up like many of us with SO few options.  Now, brands like Plus BKLYN EXIST, and I’m SO happy about it! I also like showing people that anyone, including plus size women, can wear whatever the heck we want unapologetically.  Rules are made to be broken - especially in fashion (honestly, I’m pretty much 100% a rule follower in all other aspects of my life and it drives my hubby crazy).

Size 26 Striped Dress | Miranda

I’m passionate about the lifestyle and travel content I create because I think it is SO important for the world to see that plus size women are more than our bodies.  We live well-rounded lives and have happy families, successful careers, beautiful homes, etc. Also, selfishly, I LOVE getting to know the real lives of everyone I follow.  I want to know what you bought at Trader Joes today, I want to know what book you’re reading right now, and I want to know what you use to clean your countertops. I’m trying to give my readers what I want to see from the people I like to follow.

PBK:  How would you describe your style?

I call my personal style comfortable classic.  I refuse to wear clothes that make me feel miserable.  I spent so many years squeezing myself into clothes that didn’t feel good because I thought “pain is beauty” and I’m over that.  I like to buy clothes that will last and be in style for years to come, and I mostly try to avoid super trendy items.

PBK:  What plus BKLYN item do you feel best exemplifies your style (copy and paste the link).  Why this piece?

The Holly Striped Tank is something I would wear ALL the time.  I’m really drawn to horizontal stripes (rule breaker, I tell you) and I love a good tank top.  It is simple and classic and will never go out of style… ever.


Holly Striped Tank Plus Size

Also, it’s sold out now but I am KICKING MYSELF for not buying the pineapple pencil skirt on the site. It goes completely against everything I said about my style in the previous question, but I am so drawn to the bright colors and I love anything pineapple because they’re a symbol of southern hospitality.

PBK:  Ahhh, we love and hate hearing that, lol.  Once an item is out of stock, it's gone! What is something you want to convey/share with the internet?

To anyone reading this, I hope you know that you are beautiful and unique and have something special to contribute to the world.  Don’t let anyone or anything in your life hold you back from finding and living your purpose.

PBK:  Love that message!  What’s coming up that are you excited about?  (Conference, vacation, new job, etc)

I recently bought my ticket to TCF Style Expo in Atlanta, and I’m really pumped about that!  One of my best friends from home will be joining me and we’re contemplating a couple days at the beach in Hilton Head after the Expo wraps!  

Plus Life Blog

Do you have a “fantasy photoshoot”?  Like a photoshoot you’ve been DYING to put together, but haven’t yet?

I’m dying to do collabs with other bloggers.  One of my faves (hint: she may be mentioned in a previous response) and I have discussed it... so fingers crossed it will happen soon!

Thank you so much, for sharing a bit of your world and blog, Miranda!  You can connect with Miranda on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, her blog.

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