Blogger Spotlight:  Meet Chaya of Mechanic Shop Femme

Blogger Spotlight: Meet Chaya of Mechanic Shop Femme

Recently  we (the plus BKLYN Team), realized that *WE* can share some shine with plus bloggers, creatives and business owners.
Today, we're excited to chat with Chaya Milchtein, who blogs over on Mechanic Shop Femme.  In addition to blogging about plus fashion and the automotive industry, Chaya also runs online classes for people looking to learn how to buy a used car, service their car, etc.
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PBK:  Thank you for joining us, Chaya!  Where are you in the world?

CM:  I live in Milwaukee, WI, and work in the metro Chicago area.  I lived in Brookly, NY, for six years, which is how I found out about plus BKLYN.
Chaya Modeling in NYC

PBK:  How do you feel about the term "plus size"?  Is it a term you prefer?

CM:  I’m fairly unimpressed with it honestly. I like to refer to myself as "fat".

PBK:  Why did you decide to start blogging?  What/who inspired you to become a blogger?

CM:  Brianne Huntsman from inspired me to start blogging. As I explored the ways I can add revenue streams and work in ways that I love, blogging came as an obvious solution. My goal was to share my automotive knowledge with the world. One of the big things I wanted to share was that I can still be femme and work in a shop. Mechanic Shop Femme was born from that very idea. I share fashion, lifestyle and car related education on my blog and social media platforms.

PBK:  Love it when people share other aspects of their life and their love of clothes! What kinds of things do you blog about? Why are you passionate about those topics?

CM:  First and foremost my platform is an empowering one. I work to educate women and queers about automotive fundamentals so they can make independent educated decisions. My automotive work is influenced by my femininity and fatness, so I also blog about plus size fashion, and queer lifestyle. I try to bring home the point that I am a multi-dimensional person and the way I go through my day and life is influenced by many factors.

PBK:  That's incredible.  I think a lot of people feel like they can only be "one thing" online, and you can incorporate any/all aspects.  How would you describe your style?

CM:  I love colors. Fun bright colors and graphic prints, floral, bodycon, you name it I probably like it if it’s a dress. I’m known to go everywhere over dressed wearing tulle, skin tight sparkly dresses, any yellow and orange I can get my hands on.

PBK:  What plus BKLYN item do you feel best exemplifies your style (copy and paste the link).  Why this piece?

CM:  This dress is everything I dream of in a dress. Colorful, floral, bodycon and short. Totally in love!

Floral on white fabric Bodycon Mini dress with black sides

PBK:  That dress definitely fits the bill! Do you have a “fantasy photoshoot”?  Like a photoshoot you’ve been DYING to put together, but haven’t yet?

CM: I’d love to do two dream photoshoot. One outdoor romantic boudoir shoot and one formal wear shoot. Ball gowns. Maybe with my partner on my arm wearing a fancy suit.

Chaya and Morgan Holding Hands

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