Blogger Q&A: Corissa Enneking of Fat Girl Flow

Blogger Q&A: Corissa Enneking of Fat Girl Flow

Fat Girl Flow

We love filling our Instagram feed with diverse bloggers from around the world. Today, we sat down to chat with Corissa Enneking aka Fat Girl Flow.

Q1:  Thanks for joining us, Corissa!  Can you tell the Plus Bklyn community a little about yourself?

A1:  Excited to be here! I live in Kansas, with my cats and dogs, as well as my partner, Nate.  I started blogging in 2015, and I did it because I wanted to connect with plus-size and fat people, and the internet is still the best place to do that.

Q2:  How would you describe your aesthetic?

A2:  I jokingly and not-so-jokingly refer to myself as a your fat "Hometown Heartthrob."  Lots of comfy knits and sweater, neutral tones and denim.  I'm waiting for Anthropologie to give me a ring when they're ready to branch out into plus, because I have IDEAS!

Fat Girl Flow

Q3:  Your blog definitely has that West Elm/Anthropologie aesthetic.  I've lived in Brooklyn for, well, almost forever.  What's it like to live in a small town and then travel to places like NYC and LA?

A3:  It can definitely be overwhelming.  I really enjoy traveling, and i think it's super important for fat and plus-size people to travel.  When I come to NYC, I give myself a day to adjust – I don't plan anything or meet with anyone.

Q4:  What's your favorite plus-size trend right now?

A4:  All of them?  [Laughs.] Mostly, I'm excited to be seeing plus-size brands and designers lead trends, or offer trendy items when they're still current.  When I first started blogging, you'd see a trend in straight sizes and then maybe be offered in plus.  I'm also excited to see brands hiring models who are bigger than a size 16, and more women of color bloggers and models enter the scene.

Q5:  What do you hope to see from the plus-size world in 2018?

A5:  I'm excited to see, well, more.  I'm excited to see more plus-size and fat babes featured on the news, who are kicking ass in their respective industries.  Doctors, tech entrepreneurs, writers, etc.

You can join Corissa on Instagram here, and snag a comfy sweater she loved from Plus Bklyn here.