Blogger Q&A: Brianne Huntsman of The Huntswoman

Blogger Q&A: Brianne Huntsman of The Huntswoman


We love filling our Instagram feed with diverse bloggers from around the world. Today, we sat down to chat with Brianne Huntsman, who writes for various publications as well as on her blog, The Huntswoman.

Q1:  Thanks for joining us Brianne!  Can you tell the Plus Bklyn community a little about yourself?

A1:  Thanks for having me, I'm excited to see you feature other plus-size bloggers!  I'm originally from a small town called American Fork, in Utah.  I went to Stanford for college, and right now I'm working on breaking into the fashion industry.  I'm based in Salt Lake City, but I travel every 3 weeks (ish) to places like Los Angeles and New York City.

Q2:  How would you describe your aesthetic?

A2:  Good question!  I'd describe my style as "Hard Femme CEO."  I like structured pieces that make it clear I'm not hear to play [laughs].  So, pieces with strong construction that make a statement.  

Q3:  Your shaved head fits perfectly with that!  What made you decide to shave it?

A3:  It's funny, because I actually wanted to shave my head for years.  I've had hair extensions that I call "Mermaid Hair," and I've had various fierce faux-hawks and pixie cuts.  I debated about it a lot, but I was holding off.  Then I watched the Jeremy Scott documentary on Netflix, and in it he has a super rad cut – with strong lines.  I said outloud, "Wow, I wish I could do that!"  And I realized I was being ridiculous, because I totally could shave my head.

So I shaved it.  I've shaved it twice since, and grow it into a faux-hawk.  My barber, Megan Porter in Salt Lake City, is pretty rad. 

Q4:  What's your favorite plus-size trend right now?

A4:  Well, I'm sick to death of cold shoulders!  But, as for favorite trend, I'm loving the variety of faux-leather out there.  I got these pants at a recent trip to the shop, and I love them.

Q5:  What do you hope to see from plus-size fashion in 2018?

A5:  More luxury!  I know this sounds kind of weird, but I want to see more high end designers dressing plus-size celebrities for events – in statement making pieces that demand attention. I'm a few years away from dressing anyone for something like The Oscars, so in the meantime, I want to see other straight and plus-sized designers doing it!

You can join Brianne on Instagram here, and check out the various pieces she's modeled on our website!