Are you a Plus-Size Model?  Here's How to Model for Plus Bklyn

Are you a Plus-Size Model? Here's How to Model for Plus Bklyn

Plus Size Model Info

When I opened Plus Bklyn in May of 2017, I was floored by the number of inquiries I received about modeling.  Aspiring models flooded by DMs, wanting to get experience.  Most model agencies stop casting plus-size models at a US size 14 (UGH), so most plus-size models find themselves working as free agents.

So, to support representation, and in an effort to be transparent, I’ve shared my #RealTalk points for how you can model for Plus Bklyn.  We book models in sizes US 14 to US 30 (i’m a 24/26 and you can see me rocking it out on the website!) because we know that fat and plus-size babes want to see clothing on people that look like them!  We pride ourselves on having models of diverse ages, races and gender identities as well.

Model Diversity

Tip #1:  Support Plus Bklyn!

Real talk:  As a small business, we prioritize supporting the babes who support us.  We meet most of our models in the shop, when they're buying clothes from Plus BKLYN.  We want to support people who support us!  I’m not saying your whole wardrobe needs to be PBK (hell no), but, real talk, seeing photos of you in PBK clothes shows us that you really want to work together. <3

As a business owner, it is frustrating and disheartening to have a large number of people reach out about modeling, who don't support the brand.

SO, supporting the brand is the #1 pre-requisite to modeling for us.  (And, if we're being frank – this is how other indpenedent plus size brands choose THEIR models.)

Tip #2:  Be Located in the New York City Area (For Now)

Most indie brands and plus-size boutiques don’t have a regular shoot schedule, and we generally have a week (ish) lead time on when we’re going to shoot.  If you’re from out of town, be sure to stop by the shop and introduce yourself and leave a card/some photos, as we’ll be able to schedule further out as we grow!  For now, we can only shoot plus-size and curve models in the NYC area.

Tip #3:  Join the PBK Community!

In 2018, we’re going to have quite a few events for plus-size babes in NYC.  Coming to these events is a great chance for you to network (landing other gigs?!), and also gives us a chance to meet you in person.  We almost never book people we haven’t chatted with IRL.  This gives us a chance to get a feel for you and your personality, talk about what type of clothes you love/your style, etc.


Plus Bklyn Street Shoot with Plus Models

Tip #4:  Have an Instagram/Photos to Share

Okay, you don’t need to go out and spend $$$ on a fancy photographer.  But!  We do need to see images of you.  We recommend holding an “Instagram Girlfriend” shoot and going out and taking street style photos with a friend, trading who is playing photographer.  We need to see that you know how to pose, and we also need to see your whole body!  (Selfies are great, but not super helpful when we’re choosing models!)


How to Submit To Model

OKAY!  Now for the info you need.  You can submit to model via this form. Sharing your email gives PBK permission to contact you via email and we will add you to our newsletter.