7+ Places to Get Plus Size News & Feminist Social Commentary

7+ Places to Get Plus Size News & Feminist Social Commentary

Do you get really excited when a news story breaks that's about plus size issues or body positivity?  Want to diversify your media a little bit?


Below are a few of our favorite small or indie publications and people, who we follow for breaking news and essays about body positivity and body politics:

1.  The Curvy Fashionista

Started almost 10 years ago by the one and only Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista is like a WWD for plus size fashion.  The TCF email list is also great, delivering a daily digest of top stories.

The Curvy Fashionista

2.  Ravishly

We love the regular articles by people like Virgie Tovar and Laurel Dickman on Ravishly.  The publication was founded by Joni Edelman, and covers everything from sex and love to body positivity and wonderful features.

Ravishly Feminist Publication

3. Wear Your Voice Mag

WYVM provides a platform for BI-POC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) to share what's going in the world, AND is entirely run by BI-POC.  Covering everything from anti-blackness to reviews of Missy Elliot's career, WYVM has a well-run Patreon used to pay writers and editors.

Wear Your Voice Mag

4.  Fatventure Mag

Being plus size can sometimes make a babe feel like they're not welcome in "outdoorsy spaces."  The publication was started after a tweet about wanting to commune with nature went VIRAL.  The Fatventure Mag kickstarter was run by Fatventure founding members, Alice Lesperance and Samantha Puc, which went on to raise over $16,000.

Fatventure Mag Logo

5.  Ama Scriver

Okay, so Ama is a person – not a publication.  That said, this Canadian fat babe publishes fascinating pieces in various publications.  We'd recommend following her on twitter, where she shares thought provoking takes on body politics and fashion.

Ama Scriver Writer

6.  Monachopsis Magazine

Monachopsis Magazine was founded to "highlight people who have creative ideas that might not necessarily jive with the sartorial status quo."  Both a hybrid fashion and activist organization, we can't wait to see what Monachopsis will share with their readers.

Monachopsis Magazine

7.  Bitch Media

Bitch Media is an institution.  Launched in 1996, the publication has been sharing "thoughtful feminist responses" to pop culture, and has grown from a zine to full-fledged media organization. 

Bitch Media

What are your favorite publications to read? Let us know by sending a link via Twitter or Instagram!