Ooooo!!  7 Body & Fat  Positive Visual Artists to Follow on Instagram (NSFW)

Ooooo!! 7 Body & Fat Positive Visual Artists to Follow on Instagram (NSFW)

One of the walls of our shop in Williamsburg is COVERED with the work from body positive artists.  HBIC of Plus BKLYN, Alexis Krase, has been collecting body positive art for years.  She says, "I started finding art on Instagram, and slowly my collection grew.  I've been collecting pieces for years, with the goal of hanging them in the shop!  Seeing artistic representations of plus size and fat bodies really shows that our bodies are beautiful and inspiring."

Below, we've shared 7 of our favorite body positive visual artists.  If we missed someone, pop into our contact form and let us know!  We've also included links to each artist's Instagram, so you can fill your feed with inspiring art.  ;)

1. Mollie @Art.Brat.Comics

You've likely seen this Nova Scotian's illustrations all over the internet.  We have 2 of her original works hanging in the shop, with a few more on the way.  I love Mollie's line work and the effortless confidence of her figures!


Art Brat Comics Illustration

2.  Shoog McDaniel @Shooglet

I first saw Shoog's work through a friend sharing some of their stunning photos on Facebook.  Through their work, Shoog inspires people to reset how people perceive plus and fat size bodies.  A couple of months ago, Shoog took photos and showed their work at Plus Bklyn – you can see some images from that even on our Facebook!

Shooglet Instagram

 3. Beto França @Beto2Franca

I first found Beto Franca's work when writer Jes Baker regrammed his work.  I love the movement and joy that he expresses in his work, showing different kinds of plus size and fat bodies living their best lives.

Beto Franca

4.  Tara O'Brien @TaraOBrienIllustration

I love Tara O'Brien's bold use of colors, and her references to 1960's mod culture in her work.  Her work has been shared in galleries across Europe (O'Brien is Irish), and you can take her work with you – her work has been seen on everything from reusable shopping bags to cell phone cases!

Tara O'Brien | Take Up Space Society Print

5. Rochelle Brock @FatLeopard.JPEG

Looking through the pages of high fashion magazines, it's easy to become discouraged – because almost no bodies look like ours.  Brooklyn-based Rochelle Brock is changing that, having appeared in fashion magazines like PAPER and Vogue.  Her work shows the gritty beauty our bodies hold, and I can't wait to see her take on the world!

Rochelle Brock Photography

6. Ronny Hernandes @RonnyHernandes

Did this piece featuring Jacqueline Aparecida Jordão make anyone else a liiiiittle emotional?  

Ronny Hernandes Venus

7.  Jonquel Norwood @JonquelArt

Living in New York City, Jonquel's stylized fashion illustrations are beautiful.  Her work inspired by Wakanda made my jaw drop!  She's also a textile designer, having created a line of scarves for Bene's scarf collection.

Jonquel Art Wakanda Body Positive Art