5 Tips for Plus Size Travelers

5 Tips for Plus Size Travelers

With our brick and mortar plus size boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we get to meet plus size travelistas on a daily basis.  People travel from around the world to visit New York City, and we love meeting you IRL at the shop!

More local customers (and those online) have mentioned wanting to travel – but are worried about traveling as a plus size person.  I have traveled around the world (Argentina and Italy this year!), and so I thought it'd be great to share plus size travel tips with you!

Plus Size Travel

Tip #1:  Passenger of Size Policies

All airlines have different policies for "passengers of size."  My experience with airlines has varied greatly according to the flight crew.  When traveling domestically in the USA, I have heard good things about Southwest's Customer of Size Policy.  Basically, you go to up to the gate before boarding begins, and let the flight attendants know you'd like to use this policy.  You'll be pre-boarded, with an extra seat at no charge.  (Be sure to call Southwest and double check this policy before flying, as airline rules and regulations change!)

Tip #2:  Packing Your Carry On

When packing, it's easy to just throw stuff into both your checked bag and your carryon bag willy nilly.  I recommend packing your carry on bag as *if* you're not bringing a checked bag.  Checked bags are lost/delayed, so make sure you have a few full outfits, undergarments, etc, in your checked bag!

Plus Size Travel to Italy

Tip #3:  Inexpensive Flights

I like to check Scott's Cheap Flights for mega deals on flights.  This service also lets you select multiple airports to depart from, perfect for NYC babes who can fly out of LGA or JFK!

You can also use Kayak's "Cheap Fare Calculator," where you input your budget and dates into the system.  Kayak then shares destinations that fit your criteria!

You may also want to buy a seatbelt extender, as it can be intimidating to ask for one on a flight. <3

Tip #4:  Dress Comfy - And Professional

While I'm not walking through the airport in heels, I also don't like to travel in pajamas (planes can get cold!).  I recommend traveling in long pants, with plus size outerwear – like cardigan and/or coat.  These can also double as a pillow!

Plus Size Longline Shearling Coat

Tip #5:  Just Get on the Plane, Babe!

While I have had negative travel experiences as a plus size person, the experiences I have had traveling the world have been worth it.  Remember, you are a human being worthy of taking up space.  Now buy the plane ticket!

Do you have any travel tips we should add to this post?  Let us know by DM'ing on our Instagram or Tweeting!