Plum Kettle Played by Joy Nash

5 Plus Positive Shows/Movies to Watch (While We Wait for the Next Ep of Dietland!!)

Y'ALL.  The Dietland obsession is REAL.  

If you haven't heard about the new TV show from AMC, you are missing OUT.  The show is based on a book by Sarai Walker, and addresses feminist issues through the viewpoint of the plus size main character, Plum Kettle, played by the one and only Joy Nash.

Dietland Plus Size Actress

We're on episode 5 (to date), and the worst part of Dietland is having to wait a week for each new episode.  (I know Netflix has spoiled me!)

So, while we wait, here are 5 tv shows and movies (that feature plus size characters, of course!) to watch in the meantime.  While there are other tv shows and movies that feature plus characters, we wanted to explicitly highlight body positive media, and committed media with negative tropes about plus size people.

1.  Mad Fat Diary

This TV show tells the coming of age story of Rae Earl (played by Sharon Rooney), a plus size teenager growing up in the mid 1990's in Lincolnshire.  Based on the book My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary by Rae Earl, and, like all British comedies, is darkly funny.  You'll definitely laugh, and you'll absolutely cry as you watch.

CW: Mental Health

Mad Fat Diary Plus Size Actress

2.  Any and All Movies with Melissa McCarthy

First known as "Sookie," in Gilmore Girls, Melissa McCarthy's career is inspiring.  I recently saw her movie Life of the Party with my mom, and there were times I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. Fun Fact:  McCarthy co-wrote, produced and starred in this movie! 

Life of the Party Plus Size Actress

I've heard The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock is hilarious, so that's on my queue for this weekend!

3.  Empire ft. Gabby Sidibe 

Gabby Sidibe plays Becky Williams on Empire, and her steamy rooftop scene broke the plus internet for a few days. She's also a series regular in American Horror Story: Coven.  

Note: Not only is Gabby an amazing actress, but her twitter is AMAZE.  

Gabby Sidibe

4.  Love on The Run ft. Jen Ponton

Okay, real talk, I hadn't heard of this movie until I stumbled across Jen Ponton's twitter!  This movie is a classic take on the "small town girl falls for the bad boy," but this time the romantic lead is plus size.  

Love on the Run

5. Steven Universe

Cartoons aren't just for kids!  I love this animated series for showing and including diverse bodies.  The theme song may get stuck in your head, fair warning!

Steven Universe Body Positive TV Show

I'm sure we've missed a great tv show or movie!  If you have recs for body positive media, give us a shout on Twitter or Instagram!