11 Reasons You Deserve Clothing You Love, According to the Experts

11 Reasons You Deserve Clothing You Love, According to the Experts

No longer is plus-size fashion a wasteland. Unlike a decade ago, when finding ANY trendy items in larger sizes was a challenge, online and indie stores like plus BKLYN are offering a wider (pun intended) and more thoughtful selection of plus-size fashion, from trends to basics.

A deeper issue, though, is that often we can feel like our bodies are unworthy of taking advantage of this newly-available apparel.

"Maybe that influencer on Instagram can be okay wearing a crop top, but MY belly is the wrong shape."

"Maybe that magazine editorial can make that miniskirt look good, but MY legs have too much cellulite."

It's time we rooted out these long-held beliefs about what we're allowed to put on our bodies. We are all worthy of clothing that fits our bodies that we enjoy wearing!

Here are quotes from 11 experts and leaders in the body acceptance community on why fashion should be accessible to every human being, and why you -- yes, you -- are allowed to wear ANYTHING YOU WANT.

Feel free to save these images to your phone, for days you need a helpful reminder! 


[Image description: A plus-size woman of Hawaiian and Tongan heritage holds out a traditional gourd during a hula dance. She's wearing a sleeveless black dress and floral headpiece, and has traditional tattoos. She's standing on a pebbled beach near water and mountains at sunset.]

"When I wear a sleeveless dress, I publicly reimagine the possibility for my full participation in society as a fat person. When I go bra-less, I publicly assert the possibility for my full humanity in the world as a woman. When I express agency and desire and power, I publicly proclaim the possibility of a world where poc are not forced into roles of abjection. These are acts of rebellion. I do them for me. I do them for others." - Virgie Tovar

[Image description: A fat white woman stands on a concrete wall with her legs and arms spread, smiling and looking confident. She has pink hair and is wearing a black mesh crop top and white mesh knee-length skirt. Behind her are blue water and low mountains.]

"I am a big girl. A voluptuous, curvy, dress-wearing lesbian. I love my body; it’s the only one I’ll ever have. I am allowed to look sexy, feel sexy, and be in love. I am worthy of all of those things, and so are you." - Mary Lambert

A plus-size woman of Hawaiian and Tongan heritage holds out a traditional gourd during a hula dance. She's wearing a sleeveless black dress and floral headpiece, and has traditional tattoos. She's standing on a pebbled beach near water and mountains at sunset

"Even if you’re the biggest person in the room, there is zero reason for you to try to fade into the background." - Brandy Morris


[Image description: A plus-size white woman twirls on a gravel road in front of a meadow and trees in bright sun. She's wearing a black top and leggings with a wrap skirt.]

"You can be fashionable and stylish at any size." - Gabi Gregg


[Image description: A plus-size white woman lies on her back with arms spread on a wood floor, covered in glitter. She's wearing a black bralette.]

I believe women of all sizes should be able to enjoy fashion and shouldn't have to wait to be a certain size to wear fashionable clothes. - Callie Thorpe


[Image description: A fat white woman with short, curly hair relaxes and smiles on a beach with seaweed and water behind her. She's wearing a gold harness over an orange, blue and black bikini.]

"If someone suggests that you aren't beautiful, you can consider how sad it is that they have such a limited view of beauty. You can consider how unfortunate it is that they have such an exaggerated sense of self-importance that they think you should care about what they think." - Ragen Chastain


[Image description: A plus-size African-American woman lies on a bed with a white duvet and reads a vintage book. She is wearing a deep blue wig, silver necklace, dark blue tank top, and black pants.]

There are so many ridiculous 'rules' us plus size ladies are told. We can't wear this and we can't wear that, but guess what? We can wear whatever we like! - Isha Reid


[Image description: A plus-size Asian-American woman laughs in a park with trees behind her and her hands clasped in front of her. She's wearing blue jeans, a white coat and a red scarf.]

"No matter how much I try to 'dress for my shape' and wear styles that are flattering on my body (according to the people who make those rules), there is no camouflaging or covering up the fact that my body still takes up the space of a person who wears a size 22/24. As I like to say at my boutique, no matter how much black you wear, we can still tell how fat you are." - Chrystal Bougon


[Image description: A plus-size white woman holds a white umbrella and splashes in a puddle on a park sidewalk covered in autumn leaves. A metal bench, grass, picnic table and trees surround her. She's wearing a blue raincoat, blue jeans and sandals.]

"It was only by ignoring the rules and wearing what I wanted that I started to realize fashion was political. That the concept of not trying to minimize or hide your body was controversial. That the act of publicly loving your body, allowing it to take up space, and dressing it up in whatever you liked...is revolutionary.

And this applies to all bodies, no matter their size, shape, shade, or age. When you love yourself, it blows people’s minds." - Jes Baker


[Image description: A nonbinary person with short blue-green hair, glasses and tattoos kneels on a wooden deck at the edge of a garden and brushes dirt off their hands. A metal tray full of plants is beside them and the front of a house is behind them. They're wearing a gray-green shirt, gray plaid flannel top, and denim jeans.]

"Let your mad flava and brilliance shine freely.

Wear clothing that makes you feel like you could take over the world!

Be the beautiful person you are from the very depths of your soul and it will radiate from you.

Nobody can take that away.

It’s time to step out the shadows and into the role you were truly meant for." - Brandy Morris


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